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CodyHuntGear products are designed  for small game hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
Our Game Training Belt is comfortable to wear in all weather conditions, makes it easy to carry harvested game and improves your hunting and outdoor experience.

Game and Training Belt

Pet Water Cup

Upland Bird Release

Quail Chuker Recall Pen

NEW! Chukar/Quail Recall Funnel

Feeder Pan

Water Tube Cap

Water Tube Poultry Nipple

Gun Rest

Rear Peep Gun Sight
Elevation Modification

“The games vests arrived today and they are FABULOUS!!!!

 Even better in person!  So excited about them! Ron is getting one for his birthday, and my dad is getting one for his birthday and I am keeping the other one for myself…my dad goes on lots of day hikes around their property in the Sandia Mountains around Santa Fe, New Mexico and the game vest will be perfect as a “hiking” vest!  He carries binoculars, camera, food, water, etc…SO glad you gave me your card! Also, really glad that Blue is doing well!  He was a standout in the litter that is for sure! 

Libby | Customer Testimonial

“I absolutely love this game bag!!!

It is light weight and comfortable. After a day of hunting with a few birds in the bag my shoulders and back have not suffered from the combined weight of the birds as well as carrying a shotgun all day. The weight is distributed nicely around you waist. In addition this bag has a convenient way to carry water that games vest don’t. I would rate this product as 5 stars.”

Mark K. | Customer Testimonial

“The toughest, most comfortable, and most functional system I’ve used..”

Before I got this game belt I had 3 different vests I would use for different purposes, but none of them fit the bill as a do it all game vest, and it felt like the cheap, thin game bags on them would rip on just about every fence or thorny bush. Since I got this game belt, all of my vests have simply collected dust in my closet because this belt is the toughest, most comfortable, and most functional system I’ve used. I don’t ever see myself using another hunting vest again.”

Sam K. | Customer Testimonial

“This versatile game bag/belt is great..”

“This versatile game bag/belt is great for use during the hunting season but I’ve found I use it more for birding and general hiking all year long, I don’t like heavy binoculars hanging around my neck so this belt solves that problem nicely. It securely holds binoculars plus water, camera, maps, bird book, phone, or whatever. There is also room for a light jacket, lunch, or other items in the back game pouch. A well thought out addition to my paraphernalia. ”

Eric B. | Customer Testimonial


  • Wide cushioned waist band allowing for no weight on shoulders or back.
  • 2 large side pockets with secured ammo holders for 20 rounds.
  • Large water proof game bag that can adequately carry three large birds or five training bumpers and is easily accessible.
  • Has two water bottle holders.
  • Has four D rings for attaching gear and equipment.
  • Heavy duty quality construction
  • Can be worn with any type of clothing.
  • Made from high quality durable water proof canvas.
  • Has a two year limited warranty.

Discover a More Comfortable Outdoor Experience

Made in the USA


Comfortable, high quality, durable water proof canvas construction
which can be worn with any clothing – even over heavy coats
or jackets.


Excellent gear for hikers, campers
bird watchers and adventurers.



Comfort & Quality Small Game Hunting Gear

Cody Hunt Gear Products are also available from other outlets including: Dogsunlimited.com, Amazon and E-bay.


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