The Cody Hunt Gear belt was founded by Tom Waskosky, an award winning hunter with over 50 years of hunting experience who was frustrated by equipment that was hard on his back and just didn’t fit the needs of a small game hunter. So he invented a better piece of gear!

Tom’s love for hunting and hunting dogs started  as a teenager and continues to this day! Tom continues to compete…

Ming’s HRC 500 Point Club Test.

The test was conducted by Platte Valley HRC at Teal Lodge, Orchard, CO on August 14, 2019.  Video shows Ming’s water portion of the 500 point test. The birds will fall right, left and center with a blind retrieve 30 yards past the center bird in the cattails.

Platte Rives HRC 2019
Spring Hunt Test at Grand Point Ranch Nebraska

Mt. Rushmore HRC 2019 Hunt Test
Mt. Rushmore Hunting retriever Club
Custer, SD