Rear Peep Gun Sight Elevation Modification

Rear Peep Gun Sight Elevation Modification


Cody Hunt Gear’s rear peep sight elevation modification is a simple solution for a front sight height of 0.500 inch or higher that doesn’t work with the elevation adjustment of the original peep sight. Specifically designed to accommodate longer distance shooting with heavier bullets.

Advantages of Cody Hunt Gear’s Peep Sight Elevation Modification:

  • 0.1875 inch taller windage adjustment.
  • Replaces windage part of Williams and E. A. Brown style peep sights.
  • Designed to accommodate a taller front sight (0.5 inch plus).
  • Designed to accommodate 300 grain plus black powder bullets for long
    range shooting.
  • Works well with Williams Western Precision Muzzleloader Front Sight.
  • Milled from solid aluminum.
  • Threaded for original peep sight aperture.
  • Manufactured in USA.
  • Two-year limited warranty.
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Additional information

Weight .35 lbs


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